Wednesday 17 April 1839

Rainy morning Fahrenheit 46 inside and 41 outside at 7 35/60 a.m. and loudish wind - breakfast at 8 50/60 in about 1/2 hour

Before and afterwards till 3 (except a little while backwards and forwards with Mr. Harper who was here before 10) dusting books in the drawing Ann with me and John footman carrying them up into the tower study till after 12

Ann rode off to Cliff hill at 3 I wished Mr. Harper good afternoon and walked by the side of Ann as far as Listerwick - there sometime

Robert Mann and William Lord walling against the road - William Mallinson at the roof of the blacksmith's shop - Baldwin preparing slate for this and David Mann's cottage - Edward Waddington cornering stone for David Mann's chimney - the engine chimney finished yesterday i.e. topped up like a cluster of 4 house chimneys

Then at the water wheel - the first Engine pit covered over yesterday Joseph Mann + 3 digging up and righting the ground - then at the meer - the water within a foot of running into the meer drift. sauntered about there and to the head of the meer, and came in at 5

Turner came this morning to say he must plough one of the flashes this summer if he had then - Ann objected (and as Turner said he could do no other) it was agreed he should not have the fields and Booth was to tell Thomas Pearson his brother might have them at £1 that is 20 guineas a year

Robert Mann brought word (told me at Listerwick) that Mr. Storey thought the Hatters Street necessaries ought to be cleaned out once a fortnight, and if Ann would give them locks to the places, the people would be answerable for their being kept clean - this to be done

Found Ann returned at 5 - wrote to say in answer to Charlotte de Grave's letter received last night, that I should make no further inquiries as I was on the point of engaging another person - my letter went by Sam tonight to 'Mademoiselle Charlotte de Grave at Mr. Session's 2 Charles Street Manchester Square London Postage Paid'

Then Ann and I in the tower putting away books and latterly she dusting them in the drawing room till 7 - then washed hands - dinner about 7 - Ann read French - I had just written the whole of today except the 1st. line now at 9 1/4 and then coffee

Ann low as ever what will it end in she begins to doubt about settling all on me said today she felt as if the blood of her brother would cry out against her she ought to take up her cross she was a fornicator poor thing what will all this end in

I told Mr. Harper we might be in York on Saturday and pass thro' again on Monday or Tuesday - Ann so set wrong by the sermon on Sunday I told she must not go to church

Ann had letter from her sister this evening - all well again - from 9 1/2 to 11 5/60 Ann and I at dusting and moving - carrying heavy folios up and placing them in tower study

Rainy morning till towards noon, then fair and afterwards finish afternoon and evening - Fahrenheit 46 inside and 41 outside at 11 10/60 p.m.  

WYAS: SH:7/ML/E/23/0022 & SH:7/ML/E/23/0023


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