Wednesday 13 March 1839

Soft rainy morning a regular thaw - Fahrenheit 38 inside and 35 outside at 9 a.m. and breakfast at  9 5/60 in about 3/4 hour

Sat having Ann repeat Italian vocabulary as yesterday morning and began this way on Monday morning - then with Robert the joiner, and look about in the hall and upstairs till came to my room at 10 35/60

Before breakfast read and made notes from page 394 to 408 and from 10 3/4 to 12 1/2 read and made notes from page 408 to page 446 end of volume 2 Wilkinson's Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians very interesting

From 12 1/2 to 1 35/60 had Ann read aloud to her the author's preface and 5 introductory pages of Sismondi's Italian Republics in 1 volume for Lardner's Cyclopædia - then sat till 2 1/4 skimming over the volume after Ann left me - Sismondi writes admirably - Then till 3 3/4 making notes from Murray's Summer in the Pyrenees volume 2 ascent of Mont Perdu

Went out at 3 55/60 - in front of the house with Robert Mann and Jack Green and William Lord who finished out the temporary flagging up to the terrace wall - repaired drains bruised in by being carted over and spread as a substratum for the soil yet to come some earthy rubble - staid with them till they went away at 6 - then walked 1/2 hour in front of the house - then 1/4 hour in the farmyard planning with John Booth about cess-pool for dunghill and stable drains

Dressed - dinner at 7 5/60 - Ann read French - coffee read the double paper till after 10 - then read aloud to Ann the 1st. 10 pages of Lardner’s Antiquities of the Greeks and Romans volume 1 - till 10 40/60

Note tonight from Mr. Adam proposing memorandum to be added to Shaw's lease of the Hopwood lane fields - I must see Mr. Mitchell's valuation of the tenant right in the land as it stands before I give any answer about the long winded memorandum

Mrs Ann Walker asked Ann this afternoon if she did not think she would have been better at her own house at Lidgate than at Shibden Hall answer NO well but had she never regretted it answer NO she wondered at being asked such a question and here the subject ended how strongly this savours of Priestlyism!

Soft rainy day till noon - afterwards fair but thick fog from between 4 and 5 p.m. and damp the rest of the afternoon and evening - stood talking downstairs till 11 1/4 at which hour Fahrenheit 40 1/2 inside and 38 outside  

WYAS: SH:7/ML/E/22/0138


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