Wednesday 20 November 1839

Fine frosty morning Fahrenheit 59 3/4 on my table at 10 1/2 and Reaumur -7 = Fahrenheit 16 1/2 - breakfast at 10 1/2 to 11 1/2

Had Mrs. Howard - and had a young man recommended thro' Mr. Alexandre de Richter by le Docteur Renard as valet de chambre - nice looking young man, but could not speak a word of French or English, said he spoke German and Italian, therefore dismissed him at once

Out about 12 1/2 - walked 1 18/60 and took 5 turns and came in quite warm (à la nage) dressed - looking over map (Williams) of Germany - idea this morning of returning to St. Petersburg thence by Dorpat to Berlin and thro' Germany to Paris for the purpose of going home for a little making good arrangements as to travelling servants and pursuing our Russian travels - think of taking back Joseph Booth and keeping the Russian girl - then till now 3 1/2 wrote the last 8 lines

Mr. Camidge called while I was out and said he would call again - then at writing to Mariana stupid and dressed till dinner at 6 in 3/4 hour

Ann and I walked about the rooms 1 1/4 hour - tea - siding papers' box - tonight leave the salon, and 1st. time sleep in bedroom adjoining Ann's that we have had since Princess Radzivill went

Very fine day - Fahrenheit 68 1/2 on my table in the new bedroom now at 12 1/2 - Reaumur -4 at 11 p.m. 

WYAS: SH:7/ML/E/23/0131


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