Tuesday 19 November 1839

Ann's cousin came tonight

Ready in an hour and quarter fine morning Fahrenheit 61 1/2 on my table at 9 a.m., and Reaumur -7? difficult to see - and breakfast

Mr. de Richter came at 9 1/2 quarter hour before we had before I had finished - he staid till 11 1/2 - Began with les véritables fougères - filices - and we ran thro' the plates of the volume of the Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles, Paris chez F. G. Levrault, rue de la Harpe no number 81. 1816 - 1829 - 60 volumes de texte + 12 ditto de planches, Les cryptogames - algaes, lichen, and mosses

Poor Ann in tears again she cannot understand and can neither learn herself nor in fact let me learn the idea of her and my learning anything together is too absurd oh that I could be a little more to myself both of us would gain by it it is terrible I cannot be let stir without her I have not a moment to call really my own nor can I buy a book or a chiffon without her this cannot last

Tis now 12 - out to the boulevard - walked 1 1/4 hour, Ann and I - 4 turns. She 4 turns also, home at 1 3/4

Count Panin called while we were dressing and left his card dressed - out again at 2 - sat 50 minutes with Mr. and Mrs. Fischer till 2 55/60 - then Left each of us our card chez la Princesse Olga Dalgorousky and home at 3 10/60

Mrs. Howard had given us the other bedroom adjoining to Ann's - Did a little at Russian - had the Russian girl about 10 minutes - then slumbered - then wrote a little more about 1/2 page to Mariana till 5 35/60 then began to dress but had not time therefore dinner at 6 in 1/2 hour - dressed - off at 7 1/2

There in about 10 minutes, to Princess Ouroussoff 1st evening visit to her therefore more dressed - tea - Princess had her 2 (instead of 3) consulting physicians at 25/- each - one pays 10/- per ordinary visit - it is probably about 8 1/4 when we all adjourned chez la Princesse Radzivill comfortable in the room she used to occupy before she went to court - perhaps we had been with her 1/2 hour or more when the old Princess brought in a Mrs. Leinhold, wife of a rich merchant who lives en face des Ouroussoff's - said to be a pretty woman bien élevée, and above the rank she is in - c'est égale - to me she is merely a nice person of her order

Supper at 9 3/4 - I made a move to come away, but Princess Radzivill begged me to stay - on getting up to come away immediately after supper, Madame Leinhold went away - I returned for a minute to Princess Radzivill, and then staid after Madame Leinhold promised to go again on Thursday - Princess Razivill never more agreeable - or more sprirituelle - charmante personne - we were really a nice family party till Mrs. Leinhold came

Princess really cordial to me tonight asked me to write something in her album gently observed that Mrs Leinhold was of another society disagreeable to mane [sic] those acquaintances but she did it to please her mother the old M lady pleased at my admiration of Princess Radzivill

Prince Radzivill has 27,000 paysans (serfs) on his estates - at one of these he has 600 verst of forest - one of the chateaus Radsiwill monte between Minsk and Wilna 250 versts from the former 200 from the latter - he has an immense extent of country the Emperor lent him lent him [sic] sometime back on mortgage seven hundred thousand roubles

Home at 11 10/60 - very fine day - Fahrenheit 61 1/2 on my table now at 12 1/2 tonight - Reaumur -8, I think = Fahrenheit 14.

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