Monday 18 November 1839

Fine morning Fahrenheit 63 1/2 on my table now at 10 a.m. and Reamur -7 = Fahrenheit 16 1/2 breakfast till 11

Parcel from Monsieur le Professeur Fischer - very civil note with a printed copy of one of his Odes of Horace ad Postumum, ii. 14, and a manuscript copy (copied by himself) of his ode, ii. 10, Rectius vives, Licine and 2 compositions (German words) 'Der Abschied' and 'Gluck und Lieb' printed - and 4 little specimens of 'de la calaite ou turquoise brute, rares, de Visapour en Perse' and a Daguère picture to look, Singularly clever man - savant, aimable, bon enfant - ces cadeau de sa part me fait grand plaisir - ce serait des souvenirs des plus agréables de mon séjour à Moscou - Le génie du professeur - La beauté, - les graces de la belle Princesse Radzivill ............ had just written the above at 11 1/2

Out - to the boulevard - walked from 12 1/2 to 1 3/4 - Ann took 2 turns with me in 37 minutes and afterwards took 3 turns more - the Princess Radzivill's carriage at the door - examined it - the man (Italian de Milan) and woman (German de Coblentz) came to shew it us (the interior) - large heavy Vienna-built travelling chariot, literally a dormeuse - built by Brantmeier to order - all the caisses mahogany - springs, 13 laps each, and wrapped with small cord - wheels fore and hind small in proportion, so that the cave on each side the perch , each cave holding 24 bottles, within 18 inches of the ground - 2 drags, sabots, and a drag- -staff - one large imperial over the top, - and one thin one strapped to the back of the carriage in front of the rumble à soufflet, and one imperial over the front-boot which occupies the whole space from the carriage, i.e. of cap case and boot, - part of this front boot forms the bed the boxes being brought forward into the bottom of the carriage so as to form the platform of the bed - and the front of the carriage sliding up against the windows so as to leave the bed-part open - beyond (in the natural best) is the large mahogany caise that carries the garderobe of la Princesse, and the front of the boot lets down so as to form a footboard for the driver - the carriage is painted a dark brown - (the varnish very bad) - the arms of Radzivill and those of Ourousoff the latter with seven quarterings and the coronet of prince - the wheels are à l' ordinaire as to the axles -, and therefore wanting greasing every day, but said the man J'ai la graisse anglaise pour deux cent versts - antiattrition which he makes himself - lined with light grey cloth, and silk? and little red morocco pockets on at each side high over the seat, and 2 in front - small sword-case, or rather trinket-case - the carriage when laden cannot be less than 2 to 2 1/2 tons

On coming upstairs was just beginning to dress when Princess Radzivill herself came to wish us goodby - her 1st. visit - better today - delighted with our apartment - had made Mrs. Howard promise to continue to take her in whenever she came to Moscow - charmed with her own apartment because no good Inns in Russia - nobody cares for people coming to stay a little while - they do as they can, or go to private houses, and these are handsome - mentioned my having thought that if she had had no père et mère to go to, we might have domiciliated together - this might have been arranged without gène to either party - c'est pour une autre fois, said she - delighted to see her so much better - but thought she avait tort de refuser ce que je lui avait proposé -, to submit her case to Dr. Belcombe mentioning no names, no! she had not refused it - but what could she do - they had put of[f] the consultation til tomorrow - the distances so great here, they had not time to meet till tomorrow! - I said the thing would require time for me to arrange - yes! but said she, you can give the answer to my mother - said I was really interested - would do the best I could for her - Socially charming; but we all occasionally wanted somebody to help us - if my M.D. could do no good, he could point out the M.D. in London most skilled in the case; and she (Princess Radzivill) could always do as she liked - she was obliged - said all were alike - impossible that they should be really interested about everyone - sat with us perhaps 10 minutes or more - perhaps it was about 2 1/2 - kissed us both and took leave of me as ma bonne voisine

Gross brought up the cards of Princess Gortechakoff (one for Ann one for myself) just as Princess Radzivill was going away - then dressed meaning to call on Princess Olga Dalgarouky but it was 3 1/4 before we were off therefore went only chez Mathias to pay for Ann's bonnet and left the last cap to be altered - the princess said Sichler had the best modes

Before going out wrote 'Mrs. Lister presents her compliments to Mr. Camidge' ....... returned the 24 newspapers and should be glad to see him this evening if disengaged - Civil answer - engaged but would take an early opportunity of calling and hoped soon to send another batch of papers - sent note and newspapers by Gross

Had just written so far now at 4 40/60 - then at Russian grammar till dressed for dinner at 6 in about 3/4 hour - afterwards Ann and I walked about the room - then tea about 8 3/4 in 1/4 hour and before and after till now 10 40/60 at Russian grammar - I improve a little tho' I do not work much at it - an hour a day regularly would help me on - had Grotza - wrote about a page to Mariana till 12 1/2 - very fine day Fahrenheit 64 1/2 on my table now at 12 50/60 and Reaumur -7 1/2 = Fahrenheit 15.

WYAS: SH:7/ML/E/23/0130 & SH:7/ML/E/23/0131


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