Monday 11 November 1839

Very fine morning Fahrenheit 57 1/2 at 9 1/2 a.m. = about 11 1/2 Reaumur breakfast at 9 50/60 in about 3/4 hour then had Mrs. Howard - paid her for the last month - after much civil talk she proposed taking 5/- a day less for our living i.e. 20/- instead of 25/- and agreed to let us have another bedroom, the one adjoining, and to warm the rooms better, and to let us have lamps and lower the apartment 100/- per month i.e. 700/- instead of 800/- - she thought Leopold ought to take 4/- a day - she to settle the matter with him - brought word by and by that he would take 30/- a month less but would rather go home than take 4/- per day - I told her to tell him I would think about it - then paid him 28 days at 6/- from Monday 14 October to yesterday 10 November inclusive = 168/- 

Tis now 12 55/60 beautiful sunshiny clear day and Reaumur -2 = Fahrenheit 30 - out about 1 1/4 chez Mathias - ordered cap for tonight, and halted between 2 bonnets for Ann - then chez Princess Roussof at 2 1/2 for 1/2 hour very civil and kind - shewed us her beau premier - picture of Princess Dashkof in the salle à manger and 1st cousin to princess la savante - president of the academy dans le temps at Petersburg - princess - - - - Roussof's father came in - had been at the baths at Revel - very poorly - said we had dined chez le gouverneur last Thursday - yes!, it seems she was the lady in black there whose name I had not learnt, - she shook hands with us both on coming away - of course, her own doing - saying she was happy to have made our acquaintance - then left our cards chez Princess Gertchakof - and then chez Countess Koutaisof

And then alighted at our boulevard at 3 20/60 and walked, Ann 3 turns in an hour, I 4 turns in 1 1/4 hours till 4 35/60 then to our German shop in the city for worsteds &c. for Ann and home at 5 1/4 - Count Goudovich bowed to us on the boulevard and had told Leopold they expected us tonight

Sat making rough draft of visiting book till 6 20/60 - had just ordered dinner when Princess Radzivill sent up for me - wished to see me for a minute - but dinner on the table at 6 1/2 to 7 1/4 - then went to Princess Radzivill she merely wished to see me before we went - afraid as it was a soirée invitée we should not return till late, and she should not see me - she was now accustomed to see me every night - it was une douce habitude - the admiration mutual - tête à tête 1/2 hour - delighted to find her alone - how droll that her little pet dog should come and fondle me and sit on my lap - the princess said one of our Kings had observed (he who used to have so many greyhounds - Charles second?) that dogs knew who liked their masters and would not go to those who did not like them - nor would her little dog go to one who did not like her

She said she was struck with me the feeling mutual I have not praised her more than she liked she is certainly a charming person we talked of her health and is gradually gaining confidence in fact I'm once again in my life in fascination yet how odd that such a woman as she can think of me!

Dressed - had coiffeur we had first - point de gout - new cap from the same - lace as before that he could scarce put on

Off to Countess Goudovich at 8 3/4 - arrived before 9 - several ladies, and as many gentries - in about 1/2 hour or more arrived successfully the Princess _ _ _ _ wadler daughter of our Countess and an older plainer Princess and then a Princess Galitzin a painted beauty who has been twice in England - at many chateaux - chez Lord Aylesbury &c. &c. - very civil - supper at 11 - soup - cutlets - a green gateau - a compote - a conserve, preserved raspberries, - wine and quass very pleasant evening - large handsome house - the countess offered to take us to the great ball on the 6th. December - would be glad our going wherever we had nothing between to do - and on our parting kissed me - Est-ce qu'elle m'affectionne un peu déjà? Really people are very civil - very good - all inquire after my intended Siberian journey and recommended the midi instead of Siberia

Home at 12 - the Princess couchée I thought of her between 9 and 10 while there was yet time to see her again - comme elle est belle, charmante! - very fine day - Fahrenheit 61 1/4 on my table now at 1 20/60 and Reaumur -2 1/2 + Fahrenheit 27.  

WYAS: SH:7/ML/E/23/0123 & SH:7/ML/E/23/0124


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